The shape the broken pieces of a heart take^^

Take it easy, They said,Everything will be fine.You're not bleeding,But on your bed,You just keep lyin'. Just like a broken glass,Every day and night.You feel pressure,You feel pain,Something to get better?,But You feel blamed.Everytime something hurts,everytime you're the one, To hurt yourself.Cause how could it be someone else?Just like a broken glass,You feel you can... Continue Reading →

You’re not him

Someone Just so similar,But I don't know who you areYou're not him.You're not him,Who always took me to some another world,Maybe my life is totally different,But it hurts to feel the difference every second.You're not him, The one who felt someone just opposite to me,But still the one to be always mine,And everytime that you... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! This blog was maybe awaited but a lot awaited for me itself. I've even myself said a lot many times that I would love to post this one, yes ofcourse, but side by side I thought a lot about how should I express all of it and 'what' of it. I hope this... Continue Reading →

Why? What’s lost?

All the pages, they cannot ever define what I meant by those words, I wrote. All those humans would just tell you what they understood by them, maybe. I wish we could be a complete reflection of what we are from inside. The life would have been uncomplicated. But we're not. Look, how easily they... Continue Reading →

I shut it.

Who knows?I wanted to cry out loud,To Scream.But I kept it till my throat, from where the first echo of my voice reaches my mouth,I Kept it till where the tears of 'fear or anger' enter my eyes. I kept it with myself cause I was tired, I thought, cause everyone is different and cause... Continue Reading →


I am sorry, I don't believe youBut the sky above meThe dark; if not the blueJust to fly above me.To grow and not to stay the same.I am sorry,I don't believe the truthBut the birds moving ahead me.To gain their speeds,to me,one day, Just to be the first above me.To learn with 'making mistakes'.I am... Continue Reading →

Timeline Of Time:

+Sometimes in a feeling,I even felt the raindropsAll of their beauties and even all of their flawsAll those pretty were as a blessing,But why it became so relaxing?Sometimes in a feeling,I even felt the silenceAll aloneWith no one's guidanceNot leaving the same thing behind but making a difference!But why it even changed?Sometimes in a feeling,I... Continue Reading →

The firstly l0Ve?!?!?!

First love?Is it a feeling?And an attachment?With something,Just undetachable? To all those, Who've got there's,Oh, so lucky of you!Cause see, many of them in the crowd,Have just lost it.Maybe still left with a feeling,of being attached to the bygone piece, never detached.Jiya>

Poem- The Moments turn.

It was raining when I wrote this poem. It's deep but to be honest I've realised that now the rain have somewhere lost its capability to make me cry.. it's faded somewhere. I've also realised that not to be selfish or mean but just being strong and kind enough, will make you happy only. It's... Continue Reading →

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