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प्यारा है ना? साथ रहना।वो एक नरम दिल एक सोच से प्यार होना,आंखों से कहना।साथ न छूटने का एहसास रहना ,संग सपने बुनना।वो एक हाथ केनर्म स्नेह के होने न होने से परवाह होना,फ़िक्र की भावना में उल्झे रहना।प्यारा है तुझसे इश्क होना।अंधेर नहीं उजाला होना,तेरे साथ का एहसास होना,तुझे खुश देख खुश रहना ,प्रेम... Continue Reading →

तू मेरा घर जैसे तेरे बिना मैं कुछ नहीं,तू एक खूबसूरत सुबह जैसेमैं तेरे बाद आती संध्या कोई।मेरा नसीब जैसेतेरे बिना मेरी खुशी भी मेरी नहीं।वो वजह तूजिस्से कोई होनी अब अनहोनी नहीं।

And the star.

I am travelling to you,Are you still there, nani? Isn't there even a bit time left?Why?You had the purest heart,And i know you loved candies,Right?Everybody now cares, nani.The star is following meIt shines bright brightThan just bright.It is the brightest today.Cause today we have two of you there,Nana and you.And cause this isn't any fair... Continue Reading →


पाप भी तो अंगिनत किए होंगे?जवाब भी तो रखे होंगे?सकर्म भी तो किये होंगे? तो कुछ इनाम भी तो मेरी धीरज कीपरीक्षा ले रहे होंगे?जो दुनिया ने न देखा वो कभी तो आपने देखा होगा?कुछ तो घाव आपने भी चुभते देखे होंगे?जो लफ्ज कभी बयान ना कर सकेवो आपने तो सुन लिया होगा?वो कुछ आपके... Continue Reading →

Love, love.

Love is of,The sun is born and it dies with you.Love is of, I'll keep drowning deep, in the;Love is of,of,Us when even older,Never giving up for;Love is of,'you and me for life'For we'll wait, Of all our touchwoods,It is of we'll never let go.We can never let go.Love is of, the flow is life,And... Continue Reading →


People say you won't see itBut i see it Now when it comes to you.It may destroy world,But i would try each time,to everytime, touchThe deep and lightful Bottom of our love and be back home,be back to you.We may can't shake handsBut in this world where time still passes byand everything's transient,I would never... Continue Reading →

And one's integrity isn't written in the eyesSince when they hurt, they bleedShowers of broken trust and their vexation or guilt,But they would always be paraphrasedAs fallacious stories,With a human mind,Because honesty can't be readIn the eyes.Jiya.


Like silence isn't audible,Like it is.You'd hear no wordsAnd you will.They'll say nobody can break itWhile you'll see it breaking.They'll claim they never walked the pathTo which you'll seetheir footprints.They'll escape truth,They'll lie lavishly.They'll wait as time will pass by(You'd never know reasons)And untill you hear seconds.Words would be heard in silenceUntill you both get... Continue Reading →


The scrawny girlmade me commemorate so muchof the earlier myselfthat i gawked at her for longUntill it hit me.'Ira',Said she for when I asked her name,Frightened,kept her unlit hand on the seatjust before the very eyes of ours.Her dark skin was how was mine at her age,So i hoped she knows there's a lot that... Continue Reading →


In some deepness of a tenseof detest and toxicity,He exists, who's meant to know,the perfect form of lovemy soul craves for.Who's every inhale feels like mine.In a world which accepts nobody,He exists whom I'm gonna color all of the dreams drawn, all night.Where no one would ever even care,With his smiles I'll be starting my... Continue Reading →

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